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Twilight WordPress theme

Download Twilight | Live Demo | Buy Copyright Removal: $30

Twilight WordPress Theme

Twilight is a stylish wordpress theme with a class of Web 2.0 designs. This is a two column theme with elegant colors and attractive header. Theme supports all wordpress widgets.

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  1. It’s a nice theme!

  2. Its a clean and nice theme…awesome, :)

  3. Hehe, how do I edit it? Some themes have “options” built in as a tab to the right of the edit theme tab… not so here.


  4. Simple, very good looking, liked from the first glance. Thank you!!!

  5. Temi

    does this theme have an archive.php page? i dont see any

  6. Hallo,
    that is a really nice Theme, but you just should insert some social bookmarks. I have used the Theme on my blog. Thank you

  7. this is a good themes

  8. I like it, even though it looks kind of generic :)

  9. liked from the first glance. Thank you!

  10. Thank you for this great theme!

  11. It’s simple and clear. The user will have great experience in tweaking it. :P

  12. Thanks for new wordpress ideas=] Green and blue are nice in this theme

  13. Hi all. Nice design.

  14. hi there.
    i saw your blog link on BOB’s blog,
    and was wondering if you would interested to use my new theme -×320.png

    i will be releasing it in the next few days.

    thanks for looking :)

  15. thanks for the really nice theme! the blue and green colors really make the blog come “alive.”

  16. I’m using this theme on my blog at and I’m trying to add a link in a text widget, but the link doesn’t show. What am I doing wrong?

  17. I would buy this for my IPB site. Please let me know.

  18. Dynn

    I like all the themes under your portfolio.Thanks for giving it free.

  19. Mohammed


    nice designs but i see that you like the blue colors ..

    more than design have the same blue color

    but looks nice


  20. Hi…I think all the themes are Really great….Guys come on….this guys done Superb work in it…..Gotta 2 Give Credit……OK
    Nice work….Fellas

    Highly RECOMMENDED..


  21. very good theme.

  22. I love the greens!

  23. Perfect theme.Thank you.

  24. I have been looking for a nice looking theme, and I thik this fits my need. I like blue and green colorsn, is a nice match. I will try it at my blog. thanks

  25. wow..thats a brilliant theme. Loved it..! Thanks for the wonderful theme.. :)

  26. Great theme i really like this one and will consider using this on my next blog.

  27. I’ve not edited the footer of the skin but the Recent Comments don’t show up…any ideas?

  28. Thank you for this great theme!

  29. Article Rewriter

    I agree, this theme rocks. thanks!

  30. Very nice design, you inspired me to make my own themes.

  31. Great Theme! I just added it to :)

  32. nice theme,thanks

  33. I have been looking for a simple design for my technical blog, and I just found this theme, it looks simple but awesome.

  34. Great site and great themes…this one I really like thx!

  35. thanks for the really nice theme! the blue and green colors really make the blog come “alive.”

  36. Great site and great themes…this one I really like thx!

  37. Hi..your theme is nice and creative..!keep up the good work

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