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TextMate: TextMate is a powerful Mac OS editor for programmer and designers. It allows you to theme the interface to your preference, auto completes character pairs like parenthesis and brackets and allows you to from within a document.

TextPad: TextPad is a general purpose text editor for Windows-based systems. It has plenty of features like a spell checker for 10 languages, a Warm Start feature which lets you start the program from where you left off when you last opened it, and a keystroke macro recorder for automating keystrokes (which can save you a ton of time from typing frequently-used code) and lots more.

Ultra Edit: UltraEdit is a popular and powerful Windows-based text editor for developers and programmers. It has support for languages like PHP, JavaScript, Perl, C/C++, has built-in file management features, and has a notable and robust search-and-replace feature. Checkout their feature map to see a gallery-style presentation of UltraEdit’s features.

Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver is a fully-featured IDE for web designers and developers created by Adobe. Its built-in Code View is excellent for developers it has syntax-highlighting, a very smart code-hinting or auto-completion feature and on-the-fly syntax validation.

Gedit: Gedit is the official open source text editor for GNOME (a desktop GUI for Linux-based and Unix-based computers). It has a plethora of options and features that coders will love, including syntax highlighting for many languages, full support for UTF-8 text, remote-file editing and file backups. It also has a very accommodating plugin system that permits you to extend gedit.

E-Text Editors: E-TextEditor or just called E, is TextMate for Windows. It has a host of useful features that developers will appreciate such as a personal revision control system to ease the burden of managing multiple versions of a file, ultimate customization possibilities and a collection of automated tasks to save you time and improve your productivity.

EditPlus: EditPlus is a Windows text editor for HTML and programming. It has syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript (among others), a built-in web browser (which they call Seamless Web Browser ) for previewing your work and browsing the web and auto-completion. EditPlus isn’t free, and it costs thirty-five buckaroos for a 1-user license.

SciTE: SciTE is an opensource text editor for windows and Linux was originally developed to demonstrate the power of Scintilla. It has since grown into a fully featured text editor for developers. You can extend the default SciTE installation with user generated configuration files Like  SciTE Command Line Launcher.

PSPad: PSPad is a freeware programmer’s editor for MS Windows. It has the ability to save sessions so that you can return to your previous set-up after you close the program, a built-in FTP client and a text difference feature so that you can compare differences between several files.

Coda: Coda is a web development environment for the Mac OS. It’s powerful and elegant text editor has all the features you would except from an application made for developer, Syntax highlighting, line numbers and auto-completion. It also has the ability for live collaboration  based on the Subetha Engine and a Clips feature which is a floating window that stores frequently used snippets automatically. It is built a FTP Client and a text differences between several files. It is powerful and elegant text editor has all the features you would except from an application made for developers.

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    I use Dreamweaver on PC because all these other Windows applications look like junk. The Mac apps look great, of course. Time to switch?

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