15 Inspirational Website Introductions

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In the times of impressive web2.0 designs and portfolio, designers have tough competition. It is said that first impression has the last impression, therefore it is important to have an interesting introductory text consisting of a few words about the company or designer behind the site.

These introduction is useful for readers as it provides clear information about the designer or the purpose behind the site.

These introductions text are generally highlighted through large text, positioned at the top of the site and always catch the visitor’s eye. Here in this article list 20 examples of excellent web page introductions style used in portfolio websites that you can use as inspiration for your own designs.

Digital Mash:


Matt Dempsey:


Nine Lion Design:

Frisk Design:

Style Division:

Iceous Design:

Nick Hand:

Matt Radel:

CSS Layout:

Kreativity Design:

Evan Eckard:

Indiqo Media:

Chris Horstch:

Muhammad Uzair Usman:

Pallian Creative:

Alex Carabi:

Brian Wilkons:

Brad Colbow:

Jyoti15 Inspirational Website Introductions

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