10 Useful Ajax Tutorials And Resources

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Ajax is a popular technology that is used in many different ways on the World Wide Web. It has become a technology of choice for building fast and responsive user interfaces. Ajax a short form of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a set of techniques used by many modern and popular web sites. Here is the list of 10 Useful Collection of Ajax Tutorials and Resources that includes some useful tutorials and few great resources like script, examples etc. We are hoping that you will learn further on Ajax after reading out this post.

Introducing The ASP.NET Ajax Framework:

In this article takes a brief look at the features of some of the more widely used ASP.NET Ajax Framework.

How To Build A Quick And Simple Ajax Forms With JSON Responses:

In this tutorials you will learn the steps to setting up a Ajax Forms which will return an JSON Response used to display error or success messages.

Create A Shoutbox Using PHP And AJAX:

In this tutorial, You will learn how to create a dynamic ajax based shoutbox with jQuery from scratch. It will be very interesting to know how to use the ajax function of jQuery and how it can be used to insert and recover data from a MySQL database via PHP in a way asynchronous.

How To Code A Fun To Do List With PHP And AJAX:

This tutorial will help you to build a to-do list that will allow you, or your user, to create, update, and delete items asynchronously. To accomplish our task, we will be using PHP and jQuery’s AJAX capabilities.

Using Ajax To Validate Form:

In this tutorials, Author is trying to explain that how you can speed up the process and reduce any frustration in finding preferred username. Server-based validation can be delivered with a page refresh, or live as this tutorial will explain, i.e. for checking whether a username is taken.

70 New Useful AJAX And Javascript Techniques:

In this article, they presented 70 new and useful JavaScript and AJAX techniques, all of which are of the highest quality and are more or less easy to configure. You will also find some very useful but better known techniques to use on almost any project you work on.

Creating An Ajax Contact Form:

In this tutorial author is showing you how to create an Ajax contact form from start to finish. This includes the form HTML/CSS, the JavaScript and the PHP backend.

Making An AJAX PHP Watermaker Script:

In this post, you will learn that how to make an Ajax PHP Watermarker script. So, all a user will have to do is select a file from a folder, enter his watermark text and watermark them instantly using Ajax.

Creating Ajax Websites Based On Anchor Navigation:

In this tutorial we will see how to create an AJAX website without lose the reference to the URL.

Getting Started With AJAX Using PHP:

In this article you will learn about what AJAX is, how it works, and how can you use AJAX with PHP. Please remember, AJAX is not a programming language, so you don’t have to learn any new technology. AJAX can be implemented by using existing standards (JavaScript and XML) in a different way.

Jyoti10 Useful Ajax Tutorials And Resources

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