Joomla Add-Ons, Plugins And Extensions

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Joomla is an award-winning, content management system (CMS), which is used to power an ever-growing number of websites the world over. It is one of the most popular content management systems because of its ease of use and huge variety of features but additional features are available through extensions, plug-ins and add-ons. Like the free and premium templates. In this article  we have brought  links to the best places to find the right extensions for your projects.

Virtuemart: Virtuemart is a popular add-on that is used as a shopping cart module. With Virtuemart, webmasters can sell products online with the many features it offers. VirtueMart is not only as easy to use as Joomla but it was easy to install and looks very easy to comprehend and maintain.

Joomla Bamboo: Joomla Bamboo creates fresh, minimal and creative templates for Joomla. It offers premium extensions and templates, but it also has some free resources.

JoomlaWorks: JoomlaWorks sell premium plugins and it also offers a number of useful plug-ins for free downloading. It has created a Product Download System (PDS) to facilitate their distribution of their commercial extensions to their clients. Every customer has their own profile on PDS, which they can always keep up to date.

Ijoomla: A third-party extension directory is available at iJoomla. Like iJoomla Magazine is one of the best iJoomla components ever developed. It enables you to easily create a magazine layout for your Joomla-powered site without additional programming.

Joomla Add-Ons: An excellent collection of free components, modules and plug-ins in which some for sale. A collection of extension for joomla.

Events Calender: It is an another add-on used to display interactive calender on your website that can be used to organize meetings and other important events. EventCal is another application similar to Event Calendar that is used to manage events.

Joomla Extension Directory: The Joomla! Extensions Directory is a listing of all the currently available and recorded the Third Party Developer Extension projects. It collects the best extension for joomla. Extensions allow a far wider scope of customisation and usability to be incorporated into a Joomla! installation than it would be practicable to do in the Core itself.

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JyotiJoomla Add-Ons, Plugins And Extensions

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