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WYSIWYG - means “What You See Is What You Get “. If you have ever done any blog posting or if you directly manage the content or source code of any website then I am sure you must be already knowing about WYSIWYG. Well, in case you don’t then you have to do one thing right now – Just don’t worry(but do hurry) and follow this post till the end. Because here we will be going to give you a compact review about what “WYSIWYG” is all about and some popular “WYSIWYG” editors available for use.

Lets begin with the concept first. Basically, during the early years of internet, web programming was also at its adolescence and the only web designing language available then was HTML. There were no special tools to manage the content and source code of web pages. People used to code HTML on plain text editing tools, which were neither efficient nor they possessed enough power to attract the masses for coding. After a long overhaul, some text editors came into limelight which changed the complete face and pace of web programming and the internet industry. They are called the “WYSIWYG” editors.

The basic function performed by any WYSIWYG editor is to convert the text written in plain into a special browser readable HTML code. The browser readable HTML code is then rendered by web browsers and is displayed in the same plain text format with the same formatting that was used while writing the code in the “WYSIWYG” editor. So, in short, the “WYSIWYG” editors are visual editors which allow you to visually edit the code directly, as it is displayed on a browser, so that you don’t have to manipulate the HTML code directly. The modern “WYSIWYG” editors have improved remarkably. They offer loads of rich features and tool sets, including the support for working with programming languages since they come pre-packed with features such as syntax coloring/format coding, function hints, Tag completion, Database management tools, FTP and site management tools etc.

Here is a quick review of some Most Popular “WYSIWYG” editors :

Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver is one of the most popular and by so far the most widely used WYSIWYG editor available. It is a multipurpose WYSIWYG tool which offers support over multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Dreamweaver offers both text as well as WYSIWYG editing workspace where you can code a web document on multiple programming platforms such as PHP, ASP, JSP, CSS, HTML etc. It even features a wide range of  pre-designed web tempates which can be customised later for ease of use.

Adobe Creative Suite: The new Adobe Creative Suite 3 by Adobe offers four sets of modules for web editing viz. Web Standard, Design Premium, Web Premium, or the Master Collection. However the sets can be purchased individually but having everything in one suite might reduce the cost.

Microsoft Expression Studio: It is a powerful web designing and WYSIWYG editing tool that fulfills the drawbacks that Macromedia Dreamweaver has in terms of graphic designing. This WYSIWYG editing tool by Microsoft offers a rich support for both web document as well as graphics editing.

Salient Features:
HTML validator
Text editor
WYSIWYG editor
Color coding
Tag completion
FTP and site manager
Link Checker

Microsoft Expression web: It is the most recently added product in Microsoft’s cataloge of WYSIWYG web editors that comprises a long list of features that are useful for web designers at a professional level. Moreover, it is said to be less priced than the earlier Microsoft Expression Studio.

However, being a Microsoft’s product it is being doubted to contain a bit less support for open-source platforms such as PHP & CSS.

Adobe GoLive: is another powerful WYSIWYG editor cum graphic designing tool by Adobe. Being an Adobe product, we can figure out that it has to carry a rich support for designing and image editing, apart from the basic WYSIWYG & HTML validator support which it is marketed for.

Namo Web Editor Suite: This cool, though not so popular WYSIWYG and Graphic editing tool provides a good support for WYSIWYG editing and other related tasks. Most importantly, it comes at a much affordable price if compared to the WYSIWYG editors from big players such as Adobe and Microsoft.

The Basic Namo version though offers a complete Web Suite, but excluding the Flash support. However, the Flash editing support can be obtained with the Namo Web Editor Suite Pro version.

HogDog Pro: is another popular and old WYSIWYG editor which is performing good after several upgrades. Its Basic features comprise :
HTML validator
Text editor
WYSIWYG editor
Color coding
Tag completion
Flash Support

Nvu: The name is short but the list of functions it performs is too long. Another thing which is difficult to digest about Nvu is that this WYSIWYG editing tool is available free. It offers features such as XML support, advanced CSS support, full site management, built-in validator, and international support as well as WYSIWYG and color coded XHTML editing.

It also features a site manager tool that lets you review the web pages on your local machine while you edit them. This cool WYSIWYG editing software is a perfect choice for freelance, small time web designers as well as for the students interested in learning this art with minimum expenses.

Style Master: is a unique WYSIWYG editor which focuses more on editing the CSS instead of focusing on HTML which every other WYSIWYG editor does.

This way it offers to you to learn the complexities of CSS much easily than you could do by other means. Moreover, the software comes pre-loaded with some excellent hands-on tutorials on how to use it.

Trellian: Trellian is another multi purpose WYSIWYG as well as graphic editor that allows you to use photoshop plugins, apart from the other WYSIWYG and image editing options.

It basically provides a Text editor, a WYSIWYG editor, Color coding , Search and replace, Image editing, CSS support and a photoshop plugins support.

EdwardSome Popular WYSIWYG Editors

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    It basically provides a Text editor, a WYSIWYG editor, Color coding , Search and replace, Image editing, CSS support and a photoshop plugins support.

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