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Have you got addicted to twitter backgrounds yet? if yes, you must have come across interesting profiles, and some with amazing backgrounds for their twitter page, I did wanted to make one for myself and here’s how I did it.

First of all, I looked up what twitter allows me to add and modify, I could either specify a pattern or upload a background image which can work best on any resolution the page is being viewed on. So basically I could start with just about any image. It could be silly, creative, or could have my professional logo etc.

However, it pays to do an extra effort, if you want to do a custom background, you can go creative..make sure your background image can be repeated, or it should be large enough to be suitable for all resolution and screen sizes. Here are some good examples:






Using default Twitter background on your account makes you look like a newbie. And that’s not good, especially when it’s so easy to add an image. Twitter has also given choices in picking your background, but when you can easily add something that just you like, you must do that.

Change Default Background: Login and click ‘Settings’ >> click ‘Design’ >> Select ‘Use my custom style below’ radio button >> Upload your image If you are uploading a pattern, you have to select Tile, if not then leave it unchecked.

Here are some easy pattern images that you can use to add on your twitter profile:

If you like vivid and colorful backgrounds, you may experiment with following ones:

Pick colors that match that with default Twitter stylesheet colors. If they contrast too much follow the Change Background directions above and change the colors for Text, Name, Link, Sidebar fill and Sidebar border as needed.

AditiSpice up your Twitter profile

3 Comments on “Spice up your Twitter profile”

  1. Sarah Lewis

    Thanks for featuring my profile; makes me feel warm and fuzzy. :) I also like the background patterns you chose. I’ve had fun making background patterns over at ColourLovers.com, too.

  2. Electric Tim

    A great collection of Twitter backgrounds. I’m planning on updating my Twitter background soon to make it more colourful. I really like the divvoted one, very cute design.

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