22 Dark, Shiny, Extraordinary Backgrounds that light up the site

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An appropriate background is one of the key elements, while you are doing web design. Most websites on web are made with simple solid background color or with a simple pattern. But these examples are simply, extraordinary, these can be considered as great inspirations, when you believe in Daring to be Different!

Shiny lights and bright colours are used in very unusual striking way, which simply make this a new age trend getting popular among the bold designers.

Catchdigital.com, Amazing Bold background concept which is using dark boxes overlaying striking colours. Amazing Video Background

Studio7Designs.com has a great background that combines bold and shiny colors with brilliant light wavy effects

Drew Wilson has amazing deep dark background with little shiny rainbow colors masking in, to highlight the logo.

CSS layout has deep azure flux rays background with nice use of bold colors overlaying the same, The footer consisting of building pattern is just lovable.

Adaptd has unique rainbow bands bg which are rare and make the entire design stand out.

Color Charge is another example with shiny, wavy pattern in the background, with orange family colors, nice flow behind the translucent navigation.

Ploc Media is a good example of design to people who believe only wide range of colors can brighten up a website, this one carries a great contrast between the dark grey, stone pattern background and bright sea green content container.

myNiteLife has Great deep purple shade, ideal for its concept, really really flossy!!

Breezelegalsolutions has all colors you thought can never mingle, think of chocolate, mint and vibrant blue, surprisingly designer made this design just perfect.

OKB Studio carries a great shiny, wavy, starry background that starts in green and then fades into black, amazing finish.

Designdisease, amazing bg and page div to go with it, the company is known to deliver amazing design this one is really creative, with bold colors yet smooth rendering.

ADCapital Industries has cool, dark background that highlights their product with a rainbow outer glow, just like spot light, creative indeed.

CodesginStudios, has a rare red shiny background that lights up the site a lot, extremely bold!

Macalicious has a deep purple blue mix bg that suits it really great.

Great Wavy Pattern and unique color for Chris Pirillo blog, really popular website and perfect interface

Pattern rich design on the Rasteroids design website, it is half blue black and half white grey.

Dale Harris has Interesting cola color combination with blue pink and shiny pattern all that mix looks great together

Pixel Criminals have another combination of dark bg, bright color flowery pattern which make the design stand out and speak for it’s creativity.

Vikiworks Website has a simple dark background, another popular release of them the infinity wordpress skin holds a truly shiny bg, which is shiny, vector, creative and bright all in one.
website backgrounds, bg, dark, pattern

website backgrounds, bg, dark, pattern

Joomla has a dark azure, blue background which appears like a outer glow to the page container.

Aditi22 Dark, Shiny, Extraordinary Backgrounds that light up the site

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