14 Web page Backgrounds for Design Inspiration

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These days, I have been spending a lot of time rendering new graphic designs, some how I have felt that there is a new trend out there to use your background wisely, gone are they days when graphic designers used to use a BG image to accentuate their web page and a dark background just did that.

These days innovative designers are coming up with designs where backgrounds play an integral role, they add some concept. Some of the backgrounds are really the core behind the web page’s charm.

Following are a collection of web pages that have creative backgrounds and they are setting apart their websites entire look. All kinds of these are innovative and have used plenty of effects and colors.

Viget Extend



Elan Snow Boards





Asheville School

Jamie oliver


Alex Buga

Shy lands

Pink Cactus

Aditi14 Web page Backgrounds for Design Inspiration

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