WordPress plugins For Page Management

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pageMash: The pageMash WordPress plugin offers a simple Ajax drag-and-drop administrative interface with an option to toggle the page. This is a great plugin to quickly rearrange and to manage your page menu. You can create directories and sub-directories of products or pages on your sites. Its salient features include toggle page visibility, quick page renaming and dynamic alternate list coloring. Through the double click you can expand and collapse the list nodes. This plugin makes it very easy to put your pages in order, without having to edit every page manually.

Xavin’s List Subpages: Xavin’s List Subpages plugin adds the ability in your page entry by putting the tag. By default it will show the subpages of the page that it is on, but it will accept any of the options the wp_list_pages template tag will except title_li and echo. It is very simple to use , just put [.xls] in the entry for your page where you want the list to appear. It support multiple uses of the tag with different options on one page.

Page Management Dropdown: Page Management Dropdown creates a “Pages” admin menu that contains a link to edit each of your published pages. It also has menu items to write a new page, and to manage pages. This plugin will only work when you have to used in conjunction with any dropdown admin menu plugin such as wordpress Admin bar, Ozh Admin Dropdown menu , lighter menu and so on.

My Page Order: My Page Order offers a simple interface that allows you to arrange the order of your static pages. This plugin save your tons of time when you have five or more pages that you need to reorder. Categories and Links have various means of being ordered, there’s just no way to manually set an order. Pages on the other hand have a means of specifying an order which was introduced in WP 2.0. This plugin allows you to set the order of pages through drag and drop interface.

Page Restrict: The Page Restrict word press plugin contain a simple interface that allow you to restrict all, none or certain pages to be logged in by users only. This plugin would be compatible only for pages , not for the post. In sometime when you are using wordpress as a content management and you want to logged in users to have access to the content where you want users to register for purposes unknown so that they see the content , then this plugin is what you are looking for.

tags4page: The tags4page plugin supports a native tagging system for posts as well as pages to make them appear in tag clouds and be friendlier to search engines. If you are want to make increased use of pages and how to add tags to pages created in wordpress so you should used this plugin it makes easier your work .

CSS Drop down menu: CSS drop-down menus are a great way to improve the usability of your site. They allow you to offer more information without taking up too much real estate, as well as organize your content in a useful way for your readers. This plugin allow to created a three- level drop- down menu plugin for wordpress.

Page Template Extended: The page template extended make possible to create or build the template unique to any page by its ID like categories. This plugin works with an infinite number of pages. This plugin is usually work if the page hasn’t a template assigned and its a subpage, the parent page template will be used if it exists.

MattWordPress plugins For Page Management

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