15 Resources For Web Developers

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Firebug: The firefox extension which lets you edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

CSS Sprite Generator: It reduces the number of HTTP Requests while rendering webpages.

CSS Tidy: It optimizes and parses the CSS code and thus reduces the file size by removing unnecessary code.

CSS Grid Builder: The Grids Builder is an online GUI designed to work with the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) CSS Grids tools.

CSS Viewer: It is a nifty firefox add-on which lets you see CSS property

Clean AJAX: It is an open source engine for AJAX which saves your time and effort while writing code.

___layouts: It is a CSS framework used for creating web standards compliant web pages.

IE tab: It is a firefox extension which lets you see how your webpage appears in IE.

FirePHP: This firefox extension lets you print to to print to your Firebug Console using a simple PHP function call.

jQuery: It is a Javascript library that simplifies HTML document traversing which makes for faster web development.

Live HTTP Headers: IT is another firefox extension which displays information about the HTTP headers on a page in real time.

Test Everything: It is a web-based application for multi-purpose testing from CSS, HTML validation to SEO tools.

Blueprint-CSS framework: It reduces the CSS coding time by ncluding common styles that developers typically use such CSS reset and page layouts.

Cake PHP: It is a rapid development framework for PHP.

Pylons: Pylons is a lightweight web framework emphasizing flexibility and rapid development.

Jyoti15 Resources For Web Developers

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