5 Tools To Check Cross Browser Compatibility

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Professional webmasters do have to check out the compatibility of their sites across multiple web browsers. Times have changed a lot in last few years because earlier you could excuse by setting it up for Internet Explorer but things are moving quickly out from the IE domain. We will see some browser compatibility tools today so that the header fine intricacies stay intact irrespective of the web browser.

Cross Browser Testing does precisely what it says across multiple web browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari and Camino etc. on various Operating Systems. What makes this service unique from others is that you can do Javascript and AJAX testing using it. You will have to shell out some money to use it though.

BrowserCam is a paid service for testing your site across multiple web browsers on different operating systems. You can test the different screen resolutions while there is a unique feature of testing thewebpage in BlackBerry as well. It costs $19.95 for a day of service but you may try it free of cost for 24 hours and up to 200 screen captures initially.

BrowserShots is my favorite service for doing the job in question. You basically need to put in the web address of the site you want to cross-check and it shows you screenshots of the website across the selected web browsers. It can show up the layout of your site on almost any browser and OS while you may also test your layout at different screen resolutions. It’s a great tool for webmasters and sometimes the quite often the first choice for doing the job.

IE Net Renderer is a nice tool if you want to see how pages are rendered in the different versions of Internet Explorer. This is basically handy when you need to check out how thewebpage is appearing on IE from 5.5 version to 8.0. You shouldn’t forget this until Firefox and Chrome take over the world.

Litmus is another web based service which helps you determine the rendering problems of websites in different web browsers on different operating systems. It does not have a trial version so you need to be little liberal with your pockets while using it. One thing that makes it unique from others is that you may test the layout of your newsletters.

Matt5 Tools To Check Cross Browser Compatibility

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