Evaluate Web Accessibility With These 7 Tools

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It’s only wise to check that your website complies all the standards and web accessibility is one area where not many developers tend to spend their time. Checking for web accessibility makes sense as you reach out to more audiences which is precisely the main motive behind having a virtual web presence. The other benefit of evaluating web accessibility is cleaner layout and better indexing on search engines. Developers can use the following tools to analyze the website’s accessibility and correct any problems they come across.

1. Firefox Accessibility Extension

This firefox toolbar allows developers to analyze that the style, equivalent text and navigation is standards-compliant so that even the people with disabilities can access web. This tool can be used to test the functional accessibility of the website as per the guidelines of HTML Best Practices. Firefox Accessibility Extension can also be used to run third party applications like WC3 HTML Validator and Link Checker.

2. EvalAccess

EvalAccess automatically evaluate the accessibility of web pages using the WCAG 1.0 from the W3C and thus helps create better accessible web pages for the disabled. It checks your markup against the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and creates a summary of errors and the warnings.

3. aDesigner

aDesigner is a disability simulator that helps Web designers ensure that their pages are accessible and usable by the visually impaired. The tool was create by the IBM engineers at Tokyo Research Laboratory and it analyzes the different elements of a web page to create a report regarding the accessibility.

4. WebAnywhere

WebAnywhere is a web application which detects how a webpage is accessed by the assistive technologies.

5. Web Accessibility Inspector

Web Accessibility Inspector is a desktop application compatible with both Windows and Mac and it lets you examine the accessibility of a website and points out any problems that may be faced by the visually disabled and the elderly. The application is available in Chinese and Korean versions as well.

6. Accessibility Color Wheel

Accessibility Color Wheel helps you in selecting a background color and the font color by moving cursor on the color wheel.

7. Vischeck

This tool can be used to see what colors are misinterpreted by a colorblind individual. Vischeck essentially lets them check their work for color blind visibility.

MattEvaluate Web Accessibility With These 7 Tools

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