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It is hard to find really cool and high quality free Drupal theme on Drupal.org. The market is not as hot as it is for wordpress, Although drupal is a great CMS and really really popular. Drupal is a great platform to build your website, but it is hard to find real professional themes to do so.

Only few scalable themes for drupal are available for free, Here are some of the best 3 column free Drupal themes that could use, if you use drupal.

This is a great looking drupal theme, soothing to the eye is its light blue and grey gradients, its a theme that can be used by anyone, it is pretty generic in concept, doesn’t carry any theme or branding, one of the most popular and scalable drupal theme.

Danger4k is a professional looking theme, it can become a corporate website, a web portal, extremely scalable and amazingly well done, the colors, layout, navigation everything is perfect. The Danger4k theme is derived from the Bluebreeze theme.

The Morning After
This theme is based on the WordPress theme The Morning After. This Drupal theme is amazing and is also W3C Valid, and tested on Firefox, IE7, Netscape, Opera, Safari> It has a support for two, one, and no columns. Also you can manage logo, primary links, secondary links, mission, search box, shortcut icon and user pictures

ADT Webapplication
This very clean web2.0 theme is a generic theme that can be used for many different websites. The theme is predominantly white with red accents and a green subheader, though using theme options you can easily loose the subheader. This theme is a port of the identically named template by Luka from solucija.com.

This is another great looking drupal theme, inspired by some wordpress theme layout. 3 columns are well laid out and this theme is extremely useful if you want to have a blogish look to your website and yet run it on drupal. It is a must have!!

Art4 blue
This is a great looking drupal theme, the layout is very soothing and bright. Its a generic theme that can be used by anyone. The theme has better usability elements and is very much customizable, if you know coding.

Ability drupal theme has a rounder corner header, amazing navigation and a decent layout, perfectly suitable for your web portal. It is fluid (or fixed) 2 or 3 columns theme with extra 3 top and 3 bottom regions. It is builded on the base of salamander theme

Active Signs
This is a great looking drupal theme, This theme was developed by SignFuse and builds on the spreadfirefox theme. It requires the PhPTemplate engine.

AditiDrupal Themes, 3 Column Drupal Templates, Drupal Skins & Styles

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