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To do well on internet, it is important to create websites which are competent and bring returning visitors, a lot of aspects have to be taken into consideration before you start building an ecommerce web site. All these parameters make a great foundation for your ecommerce site.

This article will highlight on how to design ecommerce sites that will make them more usable and profitable. Using few successful examples we will demonstrate how well a ecommerce website can be created.

We will discuss about all appropriate sections that an ecommerce site must have, in order to flourish well online.

Well Defined Category pages
Category pages helps to organize and prioritize an ecommerce site’s offerings. Home pages is basically a customized category page which showcases all your sections, products and offers. Some home pages clearly show what the site sells, however, others may be very confusing to the users.

Category pages must have perfect product listing, with just the right amount of information. Keeping your products up to date also plays a key role.

Product Pages
Your buyer will need sufficient information about a product before buying it online. Product pages must provide this information using a combination of text and images. Effective product pages show availability, product options and total cost. Placing appropriate cross sell items is also good.

Shopping Cart, Checkout Page
Too many forms and signing up makes shopping very difficult for users. Sometimes having too many fields and specifications frustrates the buyer and they drop the shopping cart. One must try to have brief and just enough fields on their check out process. Better and Simple checkout pages definitely brings more customers.

Ecommerce Site Search
A functional and well placed search is vital for your ecommerce site. It makes it easier for people to find the product they are looking for, without following your navigation structure. This is one integral feature that helps your buyer to navigate easily and place an order.

Reliability and Trust

You ecommerce website should be able to win trust of the buyers, cause once you have this trust then buyers will readily spend time, money, and personal data on your site. There are many factors that can improve ecommerce site’s credibility. Professional looking, certified and effective payment gateway help in achieving this.

Selling Strategy : Make Money Ethically
Before you make any product live, make sure you have researched on the competition. Some sites send back their customers with high pricing and unreasonable shipping costs. Sites that learn to avoid these problems can then focus on tactics for achieving additional sales through cross-selling, recommendations, and promotions.

Manage your orders and Customers Well
One must strive to meet timely delivery and build customer relationship with the buyers, the one time buyers will become returning buyers if they are pleased with your service and product. Make sure you promise and deliver quality.

AditiEcommerce Business Online Set Up

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