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Getting a professional Ecommerce web design is very important for your business. It’s even more important if you’re a webmaster or have business which can be grown leveraging traffic from internet, because if you market your products and services directly on the web it is convenient for people who do not have time and can readily shop from the comfort of their house.

If your website doesn’t look reliable, attractive and doesn’t grab visitor’s attention, then you will have bad sales. So, before you begin you must be taking care of all parameters that can help you build a perfect Ecommerce web site design.

A poor quality web site turns visitors away, which makes the visual and usable aspect extremely important. A pleasant looking and very easy to understand web design will be liked by your visitors. One must keep this as their top priority. However, due to the cost some people decide to settle on a mediocre web design, they must rather stay with having no website at all, cause with a poor website design they are losing their credibility and have to suffer due to the poor business presentation.

Some business owners don’t understand the importance of good website design. They don’t know the rules for creating professional web pages and have no idea what good ecommerce web design is. If you want to build a great Ecommerce website, Tips below will help you improve your existing or create a new usable website.

Before Hand Planning Your Ecommerce Website
Understanding the need of your business, your target audience and your product is most important. If your website does not reflect the true essence of your business and products it will not get a good response.

How you would like o use your ecommerce website design to sell your products or services or rather provide useful information only. How can you build a subscribers base etc. You need to decide on what all features your website shall have and then look for all reliable scripts, gateways etc.

Building a scalable website is very important, so if your products grow from 10 to 100, you do not have to get a re design done. There are plenty of free and paid shopping cart softwares that are reliable and highly customizable.

Easy Navigation
Make sure that your website navigation is readable and easy to find. Many times people see a link and can’t figure out what does it mean or where will it lead them. Use default and common links in your navigation . Also, make it easy to find all your main pages. Use a common navigation bar throughout your pages, so visitors could easily get back to your home page or any other category pages.

Order Button
A very visible order button is foremost important in any ecommerce website design, make sure your product page has a distinctly visible Order / Buy now button. You must also have visible live help in case buyer wants to check something at last moment before he checks out.

Cross Sell Items
If you place some items related to each of products that you are selling, right next to the order page, it is lkely that your visitors will also end up buying them.

Visible Search Bar
A good Ecommerce store should have well placed Search Bar, which your visitors can use when they are not able to find what they are looking for, using the category navigation, it is a easy step for them to follow and if you have this placed ideally on the top of your each web page it is easy to locate and use.

Page Loading time
Sometimes graphic designers over do a website, they do not optimize the website to load quickly on all kinds of internet connections, if your target audience is likely to order from home connection, then this could be a major issue. Websites must quickly load on all kinds of browsers and internet connection. A good website designer can optimize images and flash files to control this. However, it is recommended that you get a table less ecommerce website design, which is controlled by CSS and has a smart content management at the back end.

Browser Compatibility check
Once your website design is complete, it is important for you to check if it works perfectly fine and consistent on all browsers across all platforms. A design that looks great on a Windows PC, with Firefox may look different on linux and Mac. All kinds of browsers, screen sizes and platforms have to be evaluated for this. Do not consider your website design complete unless you have checked it working on all different kinds of machines, browsers, platforms and screen sizes. If you are getting a CSS table less design, this compatibility s easy to achieve. Also font type and font size must be kept universal.

Ecommerce website design is slightly different that the regular website design and must require expert help, however, a good usable website is always simple, easy to navigate and great looking.

Do not use too many images and color backgrounds, make your website sober and soothing to look at. The theme should concentrate on your visitor’s needs and highlight your product /service accurately.

All this assures returning customers and lots of recommendations for your Ecommerce website.

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    Hi Aditi,

    Really injoyed reading your article on ecommerce web site design. There are a lot of practical tips that have been proven to improve online sales, conversions, exposure and brand awareness. Appreciate you sharing all of this information. The post seemed to cover most of the major issues surrounding design and usability of the most important sections. One feature I really enjoy on ecommerce sites I purchase from is that ability to sort and refine results based on attributes like color, brand, price, etc. Certainly improves the experience overall in my opinion. Look forward to reading more of your posts, thanks again for sharing.

    Visible Team

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    We are just about to install a shopping cart on our web site – so this is truly great reading.
    Thanks for posting.
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