Top 10 Themes for Firefox 3

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Although most of themes are just the same as it was in previous version of Firefox but this list makes sense because not many developers have updated their themes. Most users tend to stylize their Firefox browser to give it a personal touch.

Some of my favorite Firefox themes are not compatible with Firefox 3 now so I had to find some other decent themes if not better which I could use.

Classic Compact is the theme for you if you have small screens as it has been made as compact as possible without harming usability. The icons might appear very clamped and cluttered in a small tool bar but I believe if real estate is the priority then you can overlook it. I love its scroll bar.

Camifox is the theme I am using at the moment (home PC) and it is pretty clean with apposite pixels provided to each icon on the toolbar. You will not see a lot of difference from the default Firefox them except the Camino icons.

iFox Smooth is a very famous theme among firefox users because of its Safari like simplicity and Riz (its creator) was quick to update it by the launch of firefox 3.

Pimp Zilla is completely different from any other firefox theme and tabs in this one look very unique. The blingy icons dazzle when you take your mouse pointer over it. The icons have been changed with images of luxurious items like limo, sun glass and other bling items. I have a strange feeling that this theme will appeal more to Paris Hilton fans.

NASA Night Launch is a theme for people who like serious dark look on their desktop. The icons of this one are simple and black with an image in the background depicting the launch of a NASA space shuttle.

Harley Davidson is a theme for the enthusiasts of this great motorcycle brand and the image of HD bike at the top left side gives it a unique look.

Kempelton is another crisp and clear theme which keeps it tidy. The creator has used new icons while keeping everything else unchanged. Simple & nice.

Aero Fox has collection of nero style of icons which give it a somewhat shiny appearance even in a dark environment. The curved ends of address bar is something not present in many themes.

Aquatint Redone has glassy aqua buttons with a light background. A dark colored version of the same theme is also available but this one looks better.

Firefox 2 theme for Firefox 3 has the DNA of the latest version but it looks like Firefox 2. Its for all those people who can’t get enough of the UI of Firefox 2.

The themes are in random order.

MattTop 10 Themes for Firefox 3

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  1. GustRCM

    Excellent! Now Kempelton with small icons is my theme! I´ve searched the entire ff3 theme site and have overlooked this one, could you believe it? A++++ =P

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