20 Greasemonkey Scripts For Google Reader, Gmail And Search

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One of the most useful firefox extension has to be greasemonkey extension. This extension lets you download scripts from userscript.org or write your own to change different aspects of a website. There are thousands of scripts that you can install to customize just about anything you can think of. However, there are a few scripts that are quite useful and popular that you should consider using if you’re not already doing so. Now we have brought together 15 Google related greasemonkey scripts to enhance your Gmail, Google Reader and Google Search Experience.

Google Reader For Wider Screen: Changes the maximum width of Google Reader items, for better viewing on wider screens with higher resolutions.

Google Reader Full Feed Changer: This script gets contents of reading item on Google Reader.

Google Reader Minimalistic: It removes all the chrome from goole reader and just gives you a bare bone interface. It is called the way where do you know that the thing which is useful

Google Reader Preview Enhanced: Adds a “Preview button” to Google Reader that allows you to view actual article in a frame. Clicking again on that button goes back to RSS view. Does work both in List view and expanded view. You can also see and post comments right from Google Reader.

Gmail Addons: Addon any functionality to the gmail interface. This script also comes with calender and chat.

Gmail Filter Assistant: Add an embedded filter management module in message display page, which makes adding a filter much easier.

Google Reader Redux: A simple greasemonkey scripts that adds a “feed” in Gmail. When clicked, Reader’s list view is loaded on the right.

Google Reader Subscribers Count: Shows how many subscribers to the feed with google reader.

Show Feed Favicons: Decorates the Google Reader subscription list with icons corresponding to the website from which each feed originates. This replicates an effect currently available in other feed-readers such as Bloglines.

Right Click Menu In Gmail: This greasemonkey script shows a special “right click menu” (also known as a “context menu”) when using Gmail. Currently, the menu lets the user navigate around the site. He or she can jump to “inbox”, “compose new”, “sent messages”, “contacts”, etc.

Google Ad Remover: It removes ads from google search result page.

Auto Pagerize: Auto Pagerize is a greasemonkey scripts that loads next page automatically and appends it into current page with no overhead.

Google 100: Let google show 100 result per page instead of the default 10. If you think 100 is too much, you can also customize the number of results per page.

Google Tag Cloud Maker: Make Tag Cloud from Google search result by enabling you to find relative word of your search query.

Google Thumnails: Add website thumnail images to google search result.

Jyoti20 Greasemonkey Scripts For Google Reader, Gmail And Search

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