Ad Blocker Extensions For FireFox

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I don’t like advertisements on websites. How can I surf the web without getting annoyed by the flashy, unwanted banner advertisements that suck a considerable part of my bandwidth ?

A. A simple answer for this difficult question would be to use Mozilla Firefox Web Browser & install the Ad Blocking extensions. We have tried almost every other Ad Blocking tool (including the inbuilt windows firewall) for Internet Explorer. They are unreliable, inefficient & consumes a lot of memory & other system resources.

The Firefox Banner Ad Blocking plugins available now are more convenient & efficient than the Ad Blocking tools made for Microsoft IE. Today we will be presenting such 5 Firefox extensions that can be used for blocking banner ads and/or images on Firefox. However it should be noted that using too many firefox extensions simultaneously shall consume a lot of system resources & you might just lose some data.

1 AdBlock Plus: It is a popular Ad Blocker extension for Mozilla Firefox. It allows you getting rid of the banner advertisements in just a few easy steps.

Just Right-click on a banner and choose “Adblock” from the context menu & the banner won’t be loaded again. You can also replace parts of the banner address with star symbols to debar similar banners as well.

2 ImgLikeOpera: It initially blocks all the images from loading. It allows slective loading of images from only those sources that you approve.

Features include:

  • Placeholders for blocked images
  • Load image from context menu
  • Forced expiration time
  • Policies for tabs
  • Filters

3 Image Block: It is another image blocking tool which can be used to conditionaly block the unwanted images from an unsorted group of images. For eg. the Image Block Extension will be quite helpful when a website displays heavy banner advertisements or any kind of unwanted images such as porn, alongwith the useful content. You get the choice to block any particular image, from any source while allowing the loading of others at the same time.

4 Inline Blocked Image View: It is a very handy tool for image handling over your web browser. The Inline Blocked Image View allows you to load any specific blocked image by just right clicking over it & selecting the Inline Option. However a similar kind of service comes built-in with firefox where you can load the disabled images in a new window/tab.

The advantage of this extension over the default firefox provision is the Inline method which this tool uses. It displays the blocked image in the same window(inline) where the actual position of the image exists. Its benefit can be seen once you will be working with twenty different tabs & say, you will be required to load another twenty tabs to display the blocked images from each tab. Hence by using this extension you can view the selected images while simultaneously keeping other images blocked by default.

5 PWS Toolbar: PWS stands for Pro Web Surfer. This Firefox extension cum toolbar works on a slightly differebt principle. It performs the job of blocking the unwanted images such as banner advertisements while simultaneously allowing you to view your own images on that place.

With PWS, you can replace unwanted content on the web pages with your own images, or replacement image albums created by your friends.

EdwardAd Blocker Extensions For FireFox

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