Another 10 useful Firefox Extensions For Web Developer And Designers

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Firefox has cool add-ons which make the job of website designers and developers much easier. Here is our list of 10 more Firefox add-ons that every web developer and designer should know about. And you can also check our previous toolbox of Firefox Extension For Web Developer and Designer.

Link Evaluator: Link Evaluator is a Firefox extension designed to help users evaluate the availability of online resources linked to from a given Web page. When started, it automatically follows all links on the current page, and assesses the responses of each URL. Quickly check the links in a page to make they are resolving to live links. Good links show up as green, problem links will show up in red.

Live HTTP Header: It’s allows you to view HTTP headers of a page and while browsing. Means, adds a way to view the headers to the page info viewing area, will also let you work on new ones in real time.

Pagediff: Compare the coding of two different pages so that you can see where they differ. It may just help you figure out a tricky coding solution. It doesn’t take original page source. It takes browser generated DOM compliant view source. PageDiff omits Doctype declaration and HTML tags.

Phython Sidebar For Mozilla: Phython Sidebar is the best reference tool for phython developer. Means you can add this quick reference to your Firefox sidebar for quick reference to Python commands.

Rank Quest: The RankQuest SEO Toolbar provides you quick access to more than 30 intuitive Search Engine Optimization tools.Once you download and install the Toolbar you are only one or two clicks away from carrying out most of your day to day SEO operations. Track your keyword performance is a free SEO tool served along with toolbar. It also has option to search Search Engines, Blogs and Bookmarks.

Validaty: One Click Validator provides you a button to validate a page using a Validator like Adds a one-click button to check the validness of the HTML in a page.

View Cookies: Adds a tab to the Page Info screen that lets you see the cookies being set by a page, a quick way to test your own cookies.

ViewSource With: It’s allow you to open files such as CSS in external editors directly.

Window Resizer: Window Resizer is a system utility that enables keyboard shortcuts to focus, move, resize and change other window properties in a fast and intuitive way without even touching the mouse. It allows resize your browser window to various standard resolution.

Yslow: Yslow is a tool to help you speed up your website. New extension for Firebug from the Yahoo! performance team which provides improved performance measurement tools and optimisation advice.

JyotiAnother 10 useful Firefox Extensions For Web Developer And Designers

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