Essential Google Reader Extensions

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Today we will be reviewing some of the top most RSS based extensions that are useful for any Firefox user utilizing the potential of Google Reader. These Google reader extensions(for firefox) are free to use(as always) but your browser might get slow down if you install & use all of them at once. If you are a regular Google reader user like me or you simply like using any RSS reader then you would certainly like taking a look at these cool extensions that saves a lot of time by automating the daily core manual work of looking up data over the vast land of internet.

AideRSS: It is an RSS filtering & ranking extension specifically created specifically for Google reader. The AideRSS extension uses a new feature called PostRank, which ranks, filters and tracks the performance of any RSS feed directly within GoogleReader.Hence it ensures delivering the best data from the best source in the least amount of time.

Google Reader Notifier: It displays the number of unread items you have in your Google Reader account.

It displays the list of each unread item in a categorised way & allows you to customize several things such as where the information should appear in your browser, icon sets etc.

Feedly: It is not just a Google Reader extension. It is even bigger than Google Reader in some aspects. Feedly can be used as an addon for Firefox or as a google reader extension as well. It allows you to pull content such as different profiles,  bookmarks, & accounts from places like Twitter, Yahoomail, Gmail & Freindfeed.

The content from the different sources can be aggregated on a single web browser window using Feedly. It also filters the content from the incoming sources on the bases of its popularity, number of views, shares, your reading pattern, interests & recommendations.

IntenseDebate: This Google Reader extension allows you to place a link over every content you recieve in your google reader. The link will lead to the comments page on the IntenseDebate website, where you & other people can comment about the content you read in Google Reader.

gReader Comments: It is a Greasemonkey-script-turned-extension for Firefox. The gReader extension is much like the above dicsussed IntenseDebate. It actually bings all Disqus conversations into every page on your Google Reader & you can comment on any page with the help of this extension.

Better GReader: To avoid any confusion, let me clarify that this extension is not the enhanced version of the gReader extension that we have just discussed above. The ‘Better GReader’ extension is a seperate filefox extension for Google Reader that combines several greasemonkey scripts within it.

The extension offers adjustments like tweaking the max viewing area, skipping Google’s default subscribe mechanism, and adding keyboard shortcuts.

Google Reader Toolkit: It is a notofication extension for Google Reader on Firefox. Once installed, it places its notification icon right on the firefox address status bar & notifies if there are any updates available on your google reader, such as the number of unread items so far.

EdwardEssential Google Reader Extensions

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