15 FireFox Extensions For Web Developers & Designers

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We love web 2.0 as much as Google loves it! The new set of features that comes with Web 2.0 also brings with them a new set of rules & parameters which every page of a website should fulfill in order to keep itself alive in the race of attaining good search rankings & visitor base. Today we will be presenting a brief review of few of the most popular & useful Firefox extensions that are a must for every web developer, designer & webmaster, without any regard to their level of expertise. They are essential for you all guys & they will simply change your work into an adventurous journey (provided you know how to take work out of them!)

The FireFox extensions discussed below are all Free to download & basically help you to solve the daily basis issues that appear while designing/developing or managing a website, such as validating the code, analyzing the keyword density, or simply managing the content. So Here’s the stuff..

1 iWebTool : is a great gift for not only the web designers & developers but also to a naive beginner who wants to learn the bits & pieces of web development & search engines.

The iWebTool is a completely free to use webmaster tool that provides you access over 30 webmaster tools directly from your Mozilla Firefox web browser. Some of the functions performed by this webmaster tool include:

  • Google Banned Checker
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Link Popularity
  • Keyword Suggestion
  • Search Engine Position
  • Visual PageRank
  • Multi Rank Checker
  • HTML Tools
  • Domain Check-ups
  • Miscellaneous

However the iWebTool is only supported by the older Firefox versions(between Firefox 1.5 – 2.0.0 ). It is not supported by the recent Firefox 3.0.

2 EditCSS: As the name says it all, this webmaster tool features an Edit Window pane on the right side of the Firefox web browser. It allows you to Edit the CSS code on a web page & save the page on your local machine. It is thus a handy as well as light tool to work with your CSS designs & layouts right from the web browser.

3 Web Developer: It is one of the most recent webmaster toolbar included by mozilla for the Firefoz web browser. It is a pretty useful, handy & compact toolbar which provides lots of options that are useful for web developers working on any kind of web project.

4 HTML Validator: It adds HTML validation information on the currently viewed page & also simultaneously displays the number of errors in the form of icons(as displayed in the screenshot). The extension can validate the HTML sent by the server or the HTML in the memory (after Ajax execution).

It is currenltly supported by the following platforms:
-Linux 32 bits
-Linux 64 bits
-OpenBSD 32 bits
-OpenBSD 64 bits
-MacOSX Intel

5 Total Validator: The webmaster tool for Firefox performs multiple functions apart from just validating the HTML  content. It is a 5-in-1 validator tool that works with external, internal, or local web pages using the “Total Validator” service or local copy of the desktop tool. It provides a true HTML validation (HTML 2.0 to XHTML 1.1) using the official DTDs, plus added attribute checking. Other functions performed by this 5-in-1 Firefox extension include accessibility validation (WCAG, US-508), broken link checking, spell checking (5 languages).

Oh, Did i tell you that this Total Validator extension can also take screenshots using 32 browsers on Windows, Linux, and OS/X ?

6 Professor X: I am not sure how the name of this extension relates it with its purpose. But one thing i can tell you about it is that this ultra compact firefox extension for webmasters, developers & designers provides a convinient means to look into the head section of any webpage without going through the entire source code. Professor X firefox extension displays the contents of the head element, including Meta, Script and Style content of any webpage.

7 Open IE: Have you ever thought about the possibility of integrating your favorite Internet Explorer with Mozilla Firefox? Yes, now it is possible to open an Internet Explorer Windows as a Tab in Firefox.

Open IE is a great firefox extension for web designers which allows opening an Internet Explorer window in Firefox as Tab. The page appears the same as it will appear in Internet Explorer.

8 OperaView: It is another great firefox extension for web developers just like the above mentioned openIE. It allows opening an Opera window inside firefox as a tab.

9 ScribeFire: It is a full featured, multi-blog editing extension made exclusively for Firefox. Basically ScribeFire allows you do easy posting on multiple blogs simlultaneously from its user friendly interface.

It even allows you to drag & drop formatted text from the pages currently being browsed. You can take notes, upload images & post the entire content to multiple blogs.

10 Aardvark: It is a powerful firefox extension which every web developer & designer would like to have on its machine. Aasrdvark is basically used for selecting the various elements of a web page, isolating any particular element to work on them.

It is a great tool for web development & debugging. You can select any individual element or element set by right clicking on the element block & selecting “Start Aardvark” from the popup menu. Aardvark provides a set of keyboard commands that are used to work with the selected element(s).

11 Font Finder: It is a simple firefox extension for finding the complete styling information of the selected element(for eg. a paragraph) or a tag.

12 Firebug: It is a great & highly popular firefox extension for web devolopers & designers. Firebug allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page while browsing.

13 LinkChecker: It is a great way to check the validity of all the links on a webpage with just a single click. The link checker extension for firefox checks the validity of links on a given webpage & marks the links with seperate colors according to the output. Active links are highlighted in green, locallinks are marked in grey while dead/wrong links are marked in read. The screenshot given below perfectly tell about its working.

14 CSS Validator: It validates a web page using the W3C online validator. CSS validator allows easy access to CSS validation by providing a quick validation link in the right click popup context menu & the Tools menu as well.

15 Load Time Analyzer: This firefox extension monitors the time taken by a web page or any other element(such as images) to load on the firefox web browser. It presents the complete load analysis report in the form of graphs & charts.

Edward15 FireFox Extensions For Web Developers & Designers

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