Tweak Firefox To Increase Viewing Screen Area

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It started with a need because the PC I currently use is mere 15 inches while the Operating System I use is Linux Ubuntu. Now, when I use the best browser in the world, Firefox on such a machine it drastically decreases the screen size. First of all there are those two task bars in Ubuntu and then there’s StumbleUpon toolbar, Bookmarks toolbar alongwith SEOQuake which I use quite regularly.

After all of this what I get to see is zilch in comparison to the 17 inch LCD monitor I use at home. So I thought about tweaking Firefox in order to make save some real estate. There are some Firefox extensions which you may try to save some space for browsing.

Let’s shrink Firefox a little. :)

You will need few extensions and a compact theme to do it.

1. Classic Compact Theme precisely goes by its name. It’s the most compact and minimalist theme compatible with Firefox 3. It’s an ugly theme but when your priority is to save screen space then it’s wise not to think about beauty and aesthetics.

2. You will then shrink or just compartmentalize the Menu by installing Personal Menu Firefox extension. This extension will just add an icon which you can use to access your menu. You shouldn’t install an extension called Tiny Menu with it because it caused some incompatibility issues.

3. You can then hide the statusbar with this experimental addon called Auto Hide Status Bar. Since it’s an experimental add-on so you will need to have an account on Mozilla in order to install it. This add-on can hide the statusbar or you can change the settings to appear when a page is loading. This extension adds the kind of floating look we experience in Google Chrome to the statusbar.

4. This extension called CyberSearch will let you search on Google directly from your address bar and thus making the need of search bar useless. It just makes the awesome bar more awesome and we see similar functionality in Google Chrome as well.

5. After you have installed CyberSearch you might not need the search bar so you can minimize it leaving more space to address bar. Searchbar Autosizer lets you do this easily.

6. Further, you may also use Faviconize toolbar which will save you some space in your Tab bar. It shrinks the tab and leaves its favicon instead without changing anything else.

I installed these extensions on a clean Firefox copy and I would recommend that you uninstall those extensions which you no longer need before going ahead with this transformation.

This is what we get after making all these changes. We have removed the Menu bar and the Status bar which has added some viewing screen space. If I have missed some extension then do bring it to our notice in the comments section.

MattTweak Firefox To Increase Viewing Screen Area

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