Things To Do Just After Installing Firefox

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The times are not what they used to be in the browser world and recent developments like launch of Google Chrome in particular has definitely hasten up things a little. Mozilla Firefox is also doing what ever it can to make browsing more IE-free and it has also challenges in the formof continuing to deliver on the expectations of users. Firefox recently announced that they are putting an end to support Firefox 2.0 which I believe is a good thing because the latest Firefox 3.0 is more safe and arguably faster. All eyes are on the final release of Firefox 3.1 now which will have some significant changes in the form of incorporation of Tracemonkey which will speed up programs written in JavaScript.

I believe that continuing browser wars will bring some awareness to the general web users and they’ll give up their Internet Explorers in favor of Mozilla Firefox or even Google Chrome. I also believe that more and more people will switch to Mozilla Firefox in coming years. This post is meant to help those users who want to make the change.

Firefox is a fast web browser but if you want to push its limits a little bit in order to gain an extra edge in its speed then you can do certain tweaks that I have mentioned in one of my post on JustSkins.

5 Firefox tips and tricks to speed it up

The beauty of Firefox is in its range of extensions and following are 10 extensions which you should install just after installing Firefox 3.

These are the 10 Firefox extensions you can install to kicstart your browsing.

Ubiquity is an experimental add-on but it is one of the most powerful extension ever made for Firefox. A little command is all you need to perform actions. You can do anything from tweeting to submitting a story on digg with the help of this extension.

WOT stands for Web of Trust and if you tend to visit sites for free softwares and applications which are usually infested with malware then you must install it. It tells you what site is safe to visit and the ones you should avoid.

ReadItLater is a very simple add-on which allows you to save the links you want to read later. Its simplicity is its strength.

FaviconizeTab shrinks the tab which saves you space in the tab-bar when you have dozens of tabs opened up in your firefox.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer lets you synchronize your bookmarks which makes accessing those bookmarks possible from any other computer provided you have internet connection.

Greasemonkey is nothing in itself but when you add some userscripts then its hows you its true color. It allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.

TwitterFox is a twitter client which lets you tweet and receive tweets. Quite possibly the best Firefox Twitter extension.

Firegestures lets you execute certain commands with your mouse gestures. You tend to waste less time in opening tabs and pressing keys on keyboard if you use firegestures.

Linkification will draw you out in those situation when you need to copy a text URL and then paste it in the addressbar in order to  view the site. Linkification converts text links into clickable links which save you time in going the longer route I mentioned.

AdBlock Plus is a Firefox extension dreaded by advertisers and publishers alike. It completely eliminates ads from the the webpage leaving you with just the content you care about.

These are 10 extensions which would make your web browsing more safe and fun. Do comment if I missed something.

MattThings To Do Just After Installing Firefox

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