ID: 19775
Updated by: [email][/email]
Reported By: waazup at hotmail dot com
-Status: Feedback
+Status: No Feedback
Bug Type: Java related
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
PHP Version: 4.2.3
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No feedback was provided. The bug is being suspended because
we assume that you are no longer experiencing the problem.
If this is not the case and you are able to provide the
information that was requested earlier, please do so and
change the status of the bug back to "Open". Thank you.

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[2003-08-15 08:17:27] [email][/email]

Please try using this CVS snapshot:


For Windows:



[2002-11-21 02:14:26] waazup at hotmail dot com

I tried using:
Time Stamped 20-Nov-2002 23:30

I am still getting the same error as in the last post.


[2002-11-15 02:57:11] waazup at hotmail dot com

I determined that for some reason, these latest builds don't like to
run from folders that have names that include spaces.
I created a virtual directory on WinXP point to a directory with no
spaces to get around this on issue.
After I resolved that problem, php was able to open the file but this
is the error I received using the latest build time stamped 14-Nov-2002

CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete
set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:






I also received a windows error that says "PHP Script Interpreter has
encountered a problem".

I have created a stripped down version of the script I am using to test
this bug. This script responds the same way as my original php script
for version 4.2.3 (note that I did not post the entire original script
just the portion that called the Java class).

Here is the stripped down script to test the bug:
// Author: Peter Kroll [email][/email]
// This is a stripped down version of the program I am trying to run.
// I have hard coded values that are normally read in from an image.

// 3 x 3 filter
$filter[0] = array (.11, .11, .11);
$filter[1] = array (.11, .11, .11);
$filter[2] = array (.11, .11, .11);
$filterDimension = 3;

// Get information about the image (normally read in from an image)
$imageSizeX = 320;
$imageSizeY = 240;

// This for loop normally reads image pixels
for($countY = 0; $countY < $imageSizeY; $countY++)
for($countX = 0; $countX < $imageSizeX; $countX++)
// assign a default value so graphics library doesn't need to be
$imageMatrix[$countX][$countY] = $countY + $countX + 20;

// print some values before calling Java class
print "imageMatrix[0][0]=" . $imageMatrix[0][0] . "<BR>\n";
print "imageMatrix[1][1]=" . $imageMatrix[1][1] . "<BR>\n";

// Apply filter to image
$FilterObject = new Java("Filter");
$newImageMatrix = $FilterObject->applyFilter($filter, $filterDimension,
$imageMatrix, $imageSizeX, $imageSizeY);
$tempVal = $newImageMatrix[0][0];
print $tempVal . "<BR>\n";
$tempVal = $newImageMatrix[1][1];
print $tempVal . "<BR>\n";
$tempVal = $newImageMatrix[2][2];
print $tempVal . "<BR>\n";



[2002-11-12 06:12:56] [email][/email]

Error "Could not open input file." sounds like PHP does either not find
the file or doesn't have permission to access it..


[2002-11-12 00:14:49] waazup at hotmail dot com

Yes. I tried exactly the one at the url you posted not the STABLE one.
That error did strike me as a configuration error, but I did not change
any of my IIS settings so I'm not sure why that configuration error
would occur.


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