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Reported By: pthiebaud at labeltechnologies dot com
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+Status: Feedback
Bug Type: IIS related
Operating System: Windows 2000, WinXP
PHP Version: 4.3.0, 4.3.2dev
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[2003-05-23 13:35:44] jonsagara at hotmail dot com

Windows 2k Pro, SP3
PHP 4.3.1, running as CGI

I am experiencing a similar problem. If I hard-code the redirect page,
then it works fine:
header("Location: goto.php");

But if I try to use a variable, INETINFO.EXE crashes (yes, it redirects
to itself, but there are different execution paths):
header("Location: " . $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]);

I have a reproducible case. Do you want the files?


[2003-04-28 12:13:14] [email][/email]

I had a strange problem with IIS and redirects; when output buffering
was enabled, a redirecting page (that had some debug output) would show
output from the page that it was being redirected to, after its own
This needs further investigation :/


[2003-01-27 02:49:47] pthiebaud at labeltechnologies dot com

No, the output is on the result page. Ex: page 1 redirect to page 2 and
page 2 echos out "Hello World". In the case we put the
"header('Content-type: text/html');" line we do see "Hello world", if
we delete that line we don't se "Hello world" (not as simple as this,
but you got the idea). By the way we also do an ob_flush to make sure
everything is treated, but it doesn't change a thing.


[2003-01-25 08:56:12] [email][/email]

you have *output* on a redirect page?

this once again doesn't make sense at all to me ...

(but still it should not hang, esp. if it worked in 4.2.x)

how does IIS handle redirects? does it just pass them to the client or
does it handle some of them itself?


[2003-01-17 10:50:58] pthiebaud at labeltechnologies dot com

We did try to remove the "header('Content-type: text/html')" portion of
the code. We then have problems with the "print_r" or the "echo"
functions that will not work correctly. We receive only part of the
page, PHP seems to forget to process some lines of code. If we put back
the header line, then the code works perfectly.


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