ID: 21965
User updated by: thorsten dot kussler at communardo dot de
Reported By: thorsten dot kussler at communardo dot de
-Status: Feedback
+Status: Open
Bug Type: Gettext related
Operating System: Solaris
PHP Version: 4.2.3
New Comment:

The configure line was:
'./configure' '--with-oci8=/home/oracle/product/8.1.7'
'--with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs' '--with-gettext=/usr/local'

and a second version directly compiled with Apache (--with-Apache)

Previous Comments:

[2003-07-12 23:37:49] [email][/email]

I bet this happens with later PHP versions, like 4.3.2 too?
What is the full configure line you have used to configure PHP ??


[2003-01-30 12:20:35] thorsten dot kussler at communardo dot de

I thought that it might be a problem. PHP is compiled --width-apache
and not as an CGI.
I set explicitly the LC_MESAGES var infront of each call of gettext
because of that.
The behavior is the same if i'm the only user on the server.
How is that behavior explicable with thread conflicts ???

I have no idea
have you any other experiences with that phenomena or examples of
problematic system configurations?


[2003-01-30 11:43:10] [email][/email]

Are you using gettext in multi-threaded enviroment if so, that would
explain the behaviour you are seeing because gettext is NOT


[2003-01-30 11:00:54] thorsten dot kussler at communardo dot de

This behavior is reproduceable on Solaris 7.x and 2.6


[2003-01-30 10:47:45] thorsten dot kussler at communardo dot de

gettext uses entries out of differend files at the same time!!

During the execution time of on single script the languages changes
without an reproduceable behavior.

As an example:
the first 10 strings are translated in german, the next three strings
in english, the next vive again in german and thze rest in english.

The same application on a different OS like LINUX or Windows works
pretty well. It is only a problem on Solaris.

The version of GNU gettext is 0.10.37 on all systems.

Please could you help me finding a solution.

Thorsten Kussler


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