ID: 23026
Comment by: nvivo at mandic dot com dot br
Reported By: [email][/email]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Operating System: Any
PHP Version: 5CVS-2003-04-02 (dev)
New Comment:

A case-sensitive language is a GREAT feature. It could be implemented
as an option in php.ini!

Hey, when register_globals where turned off by default, i helped tons
of people who had no idea why their scripts didn't work. This option
would be no different.

It can start as an disabled option in php.ini, and someday, in a year
or two it may be enabled by default... nobody will be hurt.

I just can't understand why variables and constants are case-sensitive
while functions and classes are not.

Yes, it's a cosmetic thing, but it improves the look of code and logic
of your program.

Previous Comments:

[2003-04-02 15:08:03] [email][/email]

Keep subject for bugdb searching.

Make Zend case-sensitive (and therefore PHP) in regards to namesapces,
classes, functions. Basically everything which is currently
str_tolower()d inside the engine.

This is just a meta-bug to keep track of suggestions to this topic.

A big "NO" is to make such a thing php.ini dependant ("Not yet another
switch") but truly case-sensitive.

For a start our great Hero[tm] Andrei has made a patch some time ago
against ZE2 to achive this goal (see
[url][/url] ). It doesn't apply cleanly to
current HEAD but given the patch size it should be trivial to get it

The big "contra" many people are concerned is BC (backwards
compatibility). Yes, face it. Changing this behaviour will definitely
break millions of scripts. I'm having bad dreams remembering reading
code like $db = MySQL_Connect (and therefore failing my search for it
with 'grep mysql_connect *' because I was to lazy about three extra
characters ;).

Also see (bogusified) bug [url][/url] for a
VOTE on this issue.

Ok, there we go :)


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