ID: 23383
Updated by: [email][/email]
Reported By: msopacua at idg dot nl
-Status: Assigned
+Status: Wont fix
Bug Type: XSLT related
Operating System: AIX 4.3.x
PHP Version: 4.3.1
Assigned To: msopacua
New Comment:

There's one thing, that clears the initial error: when apache is built
with --disable-rule=expat, the httpd.exp is not updated. This causes
the segfault at startup.
Deleting all related expat symbols, clears that.

There's however no way with current or even historical libtool tools,
to link the combination dynamically into apache and I've tried many

Since the extension is moved to PECL in PHP-5 and linking the CLI
works, as well as using a statically linked apache, those are to be the
only solution at this time, until somebody 'really into the IBM linker'
comes along and fixes this properly.

Previous Comments:

[2003-05-15 13:23:36] [email][/email]

Are you going to do something about this or not?


[2003-04-28 10:50:38] msopacua at idg dot nl

Below a copy of a bugreport filed with Gingerall. Working with
Juha on resolving this. Not sure yet, whether this is only a
problem with Sablotron, linking (or even a libtool error), or C/C++

Issue may apply to certain builds even.
Verified has been though, that removing ext/xslt from the
equation, resolves the apache startup problem, mentioned below,
therefore categorizing it here.

Assigning to myself in a jiffy and currently verifying PHP_4_3

Original report ([url][/url]
Several users have reported problems on AIX platform.

Juha Moisio has provided some steps which make it work well,
apart from a few warnings about duplicate symbols (this may also
be resolved).

The steps involved show, that the linker commands generated by
libtool are not sufficient to create reliable shared libraries on AIX.

This could very well be, a libtool issue, but we should work around
it, or at least provide some detailed info to the libtool guys on how
to resolve this and what exactly the problem is.

I think though, that with the information provided and the
coorperation of Juha and my own efforts on our AIX machines,
this issue can be resolved alltogether with a few hacks, depending on whether the
problems are generated by libtool and are not overridable.

In short:
1) the current linker commands create bogus .exp files, with a
wrong syntax and a little change in the command execution for
that step, should make it workable.
The bogus .exp files, leave a loader section, with an insufficient
LIBPATH, causing libraries which are needed by sablotron not to
be found.

2) in the final link command there's a '${wl}' variable echo'ed,
which should have been translated to -Wl,

3) linking with php needs the -Wl,-bbigtoc for Juha - this may be
system dependant, but could also be caused by exporting
unnecessary symols, using the -Wl,-bexpall option. Creating
customized .exp files (whether in php or in sablotron) could
resolve this issue.

4) duplicate symbols appear for some core functions, like 'strcmp'
and various malloc related syscalls on the final linking stage of
php. Using the option '-Wl,-bdelcsect' resolves the issue for the
php cli binary and does not show the duplicate symbols anymore,
but reportedly creates a faulty apache binary, which basically fails
to fork without error indication or >0 exit status.


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