ID: 24554
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Reported By: nisanov at bigpond dot net dot au
-Status: Open
+Status: Bogus
Bug Type: HTTP related
Operating System: Windows 2000
PHP Version: 4.3.1
New Comment:

This can't be any PHP bug. And RTFM:
"Note: HTTP/1.1 requires an absolute URI as argument to
Location: including the scheme, hostname and absolute path.."

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[2003-07-08 22:49:10] nisanov at bigpond dot net dot au

I'm not sure if this is the same but that is talked about in Bug #6178:
URI Re-writing failure but there is comments of this being fixed in php
v4.0.2 and I am using php v4.3.1

I have a page that containts a form with enctype="multipart/form-data"
- used to upload an image

The form data is sent to a 2nd page that writes the image data into a

In the 2nd page I also have a header function that contains an anchor
reference (#MyAnchor);

When the header source page loads the anchor disappears from the url.

This only happens when I post from a form that has
enctype=multipart/form-data. I cannot be certain this is the cause but
I have some suspicions that it is.

Any ideas?

Reproduce code:

Expected result:
The url address in the browser to be:

[url]http://mysite/search.php?SID=j54b23l45b2lk45b24j5b2asdf&msg56&re store=true#UserDetails[/url]

Actual result:
The url address in the browser is:

[url]http://mysite/search.php?SID=j54b23l45b2lk45b24j5b2asdf&msg56&re store=true[/url]


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