ID: 24634
Comment by: mario at xtras dot de
Reported By: cw at centerwave dot de
Status: Open
Bug Type: XSLT related
Operating System: Windows 2000, WindowsXP
PHP Version: 5CVS-2003-07-13 (dev)
New Comment:

This issue still applies and also for transformtodoc in Beta 1 through
the build of CVS WIN32 Built On: Aug 07, 2003 10:30 GMT.

Same random crashes when the two functions are called on the same page
repeatedly. Sometimes after 2 reloads, sometimes 10. It also appears to
depend on the size of the XSL file, the XML file does not seem to

Previous Comments:

[2003-07-13 10:59:15] cw at centerwave dot de

Please note that the 2nd example still includes the old functionnames
(which worked with beta1). I certainly changed them to work with


[2003-07-13 10:48:50] cw at centerwave dot de

PHP (and Apache) crashes after running the importstylesheet()-function
on an domdoent serveral times (means serveral reloads of the same
script, not use of this function serveral times in the same script).

If the XSL-input is large (> 50kb) PHP crashes after 3-5 site reloads.
If the XSL-input is small it seems that PHP crashes after 10-20 site
reloads. The very strange thing is that it renders the page with the
*same* XSL/XML-input serveral times without problems before crashing
after a certain amount of realods. It seems not to be important what
XSL-ruleset is used. I tested serveral xsl-inputs and it always died.

It crashes just on Windows (Apache and Apache 2). I used the libxml
that came with PHP as well as the latest from

There are no problems under Linux.

Reproduce code:
Example 1:
$output is the XML-string (sorry this is very long so I can't post it,
but the xml-string is not import to reproduce to error, as well as the
XSL-string isn't)

$processor = new xsltprocessor();
$xml = new domdoent();
$xsl = new domdoent();
$xsl_filecontent = file_get_contents($_SERVER["DOENT_ROOT"] .
"/evolution/gui/" . $passport->get_design("current") . "/html.xsl");
print ($processor->transformtoxml($xml));

Example 2:
It also crashes when using the example at

Expected result:
transformed xml output

Actual result:
Sorry I can't give you a backtrace with my windows-system. I can just
tell you that the last call goes to libxml2.dll.


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