ID: 24684
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Reported By: webmaster at wisesoftwareinc dot com
-Status: Feedback
+Status: Bogus
Bug Type: CGI related
Operating System: Win 2000 SP4
PHP Version: 4.3.1
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And this is bogus, CLI is not CGI.

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[2003-07-16 16:31:20] webmaster at wisesoftwareinc dot com


Thank you very much for your expedient response, it is greatly

I downloaded and installed the latest snap shot and switched between 1
and 0 on the cgi.fix_pathinfo setting as you suggested, but alas the
problem (bug?) still remains with the 4.3.2 snap shot on WebSite Pro 3.


[2003-07-16 15:12:40] [email][/email]

Try latest stable snapshot from [url][/url]

Then try setting cgi.fix_pathinfo in your php.ini file. I don't know
which setting (0 or 1) works with that webserver, but one of them


[2003-07-16 14:44:51] webmaster at wisesoftwareinc dot com

Greetings, PHP

I have spent the last few days trying to find a successful combination
that will work with O'reilly WebSite 3.0 as well as PHP 4.3.0 does.

Versions 4.3.1 and higher (including 5 beta) seems to be no longer
compatible with this web server software.

I use the CGI configuration w/o cgi redirect on two other identical
severs - which works seamlessly with PHP 4.3.0 and O'reilly WebSite

After failed attempts with versions 4.3.1+ on this new server, I tried
this same PHP 4.3.0 configuration and again works perfectly.

But now with 4.3.1 + all I receive is the "No Input File Specified"
messages or page not found is some cases.

I'm only presenting the 3 notes below to prove incompatibility...
please do not take them as support questions or a false bugs reports; I
do realize they would be if submitted separately as such.

Solutions Tried for 4.3.1 +

1. I tried the CLI folder's php.exe, which works past the default
php.exe only to the point were the simplest echo of "hello world" needs
to have a line break before any PHP or html code - or you receive a CGI
500 error.

2. So I place a line break before any code to get the script to output
properly - but of course I then can not use sessions. (headers already
sent message).

3. I then tried the isapi extension configuration - which too does not
work with sessions on WebSite Pro 3 - due to the fact that the
session_start function creates a new session file on every page

This new lack of compatibility may or may not be a bug, but I feel it
needs to be professionally addressed by the PHP staff. Even a notice on
the web site, though heart breaking, would suffice.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Reproduce code:
echo 'hello world';

Expected result:
Hello World

Actual result:
: : : : : hello world : : Content-length: 589
500 Server Error
The server encountered an error and was unable to complete your
Message: CGI output from C:/WebSite/htdocs/test.php contained no blank
line separating header and data (most likely a broken CGI program)

Please contact the server administrator at
[email][/email] and inform them of the time the error
occured, plus anything you know of that may have caused the error.


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