From: a0 at hush dot com
Operating system: solaris 8
PHP version: 4.3.2
PHP Bug Type: Math related
Bug description: rand function with range always returns low value of range

when using the rand function with php 4.3.2 on solaris 8, it will
return a random value as expected if no range is specified. if a range
is specified it will always return the low value of the range.

i'm building the module with -DZTS, and it is being loaded into

i've modified the code so it works by changing line 36 of
php_rand.h from
#if (HAVE_LRAND48 && !sun)
so PHP_RAND_MAX will get a value of RAND_MAX.

Reproduce code:
$r = rand();
echo "$r\n";
$r = rand(0, 100);
echo "$r\n";

Expected result:

(it will always return 0)

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