ID: 24921
User updated by: itotakas at msu dot edu
Reported By: itotakas at msu dot edu
-Status: Closed
+Status: Open
Bug Type: Zend Engine 2 problem
-Operating System: *
+Operating System: Win 2000 Pro SP4
PHP Version: 5CVS-2003-08-02 (dev)
New Comment:

I tried php5-win32-200308031030, but still got same result(PHP crush).

I wonder this problem is due to my platform ,,

My platform is
OS : Win 2000 Pro SP4
PHP : php5-win32-200308031030
Apache : 1.3.24
Mode : SAPI modules

Hope this help

Previous Comments:

[2003-08-03 05:30:10] [email][/email]

Output with latest CVS:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for get()
in /usr/src/web/php/php5/t.php on line 4

Fatal error: Argument 1 must be an instance of bug in
/usr/src/web/php/php5/t.php on line 4

And no crash here.


[2003-08-02 14:23:11] itotakas at msu dot edu

calling function with "Class Type Hints" arguments cause PHP crush

Reproduce code:
class bug {
function get(bug $bug)
return $bug;

$bug = new bug;

// PHP should report the missing argument here

Expected result:
showing error "missing argument"

Actual result:
PHP crush


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