ID: 24952
User updated by: sirber at myrealbox dot com
Reported By: sirber at myrealbox dot com
Status: Open
Bug Type: PostgreSQL related
Operating System: Gentoo Linux
PHP Version: 4.3.2
New Comment:

Seems to bug with Internet Explorer only...

Previous Comments:

[2003-08-05 11:42:39] sirber at myrealbox dot com

Gentoo make.conf:

USE="-X -gnome -kde -qt perl 3dnow mmx crypt -cups gd gif -gtk imap
-java jpeg mbox ncurses png
postgres samba sse ssl tcpd zlib x86 apache"

With apache (1 or 2), PHP 4.3.2-x and Postgresql 7.3.2-x,
a pg_query($ConenctID, "INSERT INTO ..."); insert 2 elements. If I add
mod_ssl, and use ssl, the same page insert only 1 element, which is

We made a lot of tests, and the pg_query is executed only once in both
case, and the page is loaded only once too.

Reproduce code:
pg_query($ConnectID,"INSERT INTO tblassdivision (asscontratid,
dateeffective, dateterminaison, concontactid, entdivisionid,
conadresseid, creepar, creedate) values ( '$contratID',
$txtDateEffective, $txtDateTerminaison, '$contactID', '$divisionID',
'$conAdrID' ,'$sUserID', now())");

Expected result:
1 new row

Actual result:
2 new rows without mod_ssl
1 new row with mod_ssl


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