ID: 24959
User updated by: tm at doe dot donbass dot com
Reported By: tm at doe dot donbass dot com
-Status: Feedback
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Bug Type: dBase related
Operating System: Win2000Server
PHP Version: 4.3.2
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File exist. File do not changed! Script do not changed. On win98 work.
On win2000 don't work in two different computers at different

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[2003-08-07 06:51:54] [email][/email]

Please try using this CVS snapshot:


For Windows:


Also, does the file exist? Are you creating it or what?
Maybe it's just incompatible..


[2003-08-05 23:22:40] tm at doe dot donbass dot com

When i try open .dbf file on file-server i get message
unabile open. I try write
$id=dbase_open('F:\DATA\do-tit\SREZ\srez.dbf', 0);
$id=dbase_open('F:\\DATA\\do-tit\\SREZ\\srez.dbf', 0);
$id=dbase_open('F:/DATA/do-tit/SREZ/srez.dbf', 0);
I try get access to dbase file and read only, and write, and read-write
- nothing work.
From explorer (on win2000) i can see and open this dbase file.
If i try open dbf file on local disk all will be fine.
On win98 (apache wiht php script located at computer with OS Win98) all
work - i can open dbf file on fileserver.


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