From: no at email dot com
Operating system: freebsd/mac etc
PHP version: 4.3.3RC2
PHP Bug Type: *General Issues
Bug description: website down for RC2 ([url][/url])

the server that holds RC2 is not accessible (and that
file it looks didn't have time to get mirrored otherplace),

the freebsd ports has this link (freebsd/mac etc) so there are lots of
people that can't build right now..

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Not developer issue: [url][/url]
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Not enough info: [url][/url]
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register_globals: [url][/url]
PHP 3 support discontinued: [url][/url]
Daylight Savings: [url][/url]
IIS Stability: [url][/url]
Install GNU Sed: [url][/url]