ID: 24968
Updated by: [email][/email]
Reported By: lucas at sitepoint dot com
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Session related
Operating System: Redhat Linux 7.1 (2.4.18)
PHP Version: 4.3.2
New Comment:


"Using different name for the cookie in different vhosts"

Previous Comments:

[2003-08-07 07:43:22] [email][/email]

Reopen if you can prove that this affects the apache child internally,
not the cookie you set. (btw. using different name for different vhosts
is usually very good idea..)

It works just fine for me using latest CVS. (no 4.3.2 installed here so
I can't test if it doesn't work there)


[2003-08-06 21:58:27] lucas at sitepoint dot com

This function does not work as expected, according to the
doentation. The effect last for longer than the duration of the

This bug has been reported previously for prior versions of php, but
all cases have been closed.

Reproduce code:

Expected result:
We expect that this code would only affect the lifetime of cookies
associated with this script.

As per the doentation: "The effect of this function only lasts for
the duration of the script."

Actual result:
We have found that this function did not only affect the desired
script, but also subsequent requests to other scripts belonging on
different virtual servers.

Further investigation showed that this seemed to only happen on a per
apache process basis.

We resorted to using .htaccess to set the session.cookie_lifetime value
on a per virtual server basis.


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