From: c-dilla at gmx dot ch
Operating system: SuSe 8.2
PHP version: 4.3.2
PHP Bug Type: GD related
Bug description: Segmentation Fault after ImageCreate on Png

i want to do
ImageString ($im, 10, 5, 5, "..........", $text_color);
ImagePng ($im)
i get a Segmentation fault in Apache error log
Apache version 1.3.28
gdlib 2.0.15
libpng 1.2.5
php 4.3.2 Stable

everything self compiled. i tried to compile a bunch of other versions on
gd like 2.0.10, but got no better result

Reproduce code:
header ("Content-type: image/png");
$im = ImageCreate (650, 100)
or die ("Auf diesem Server funktioniert die Erstellung von PNG Grafiken
$background_color = ImageColorAllocate ($im, 255, 25, 255);
$text_color = ImageColorAllocate ($im, 233, 255, 91);
ImageString ($im, 10, 5, 5, "Auf diesem Server funktioniert die
Erstellung von PNG Grafiken", $text_color);
ImagePng ($im);

Expected result:
nothing happens. Segmentation faul of a Child process in Apache error_log

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