ID: 25323
Updated by: [email][/email]
Reported By: cunha17 at uol dot com dot br
-Status: Open
+Status: Closed
Bug Type: Zend Engine 2 problem
Operating System: RedHat Linux 9.0
PHP Version: 5CVS-2003-09-20 (dev)
New Comment:

This bug has been fixed in CVS.

In case this was a PHP problem, snapshots of the sources are packaged
every three hours; this change will be in the next snapshot. You can
grab the snapshot at [url][/url].

In case this was a doentation problem, the fix will show up soon at

In case this was a website problem, the change will show
up on the site and on the mirror sites in short time.

Thank you for the report, and for helping us make PHP better.

Previous Comments:

[2003-10-15 20:04:44] lphuberdeau at phpquebec dot org

The bug seems to be fixed (snapshot of 2003-10-15).


[2003-09-20 21:56:20] cunha17 at uol dot com dot br

This but still exists in the latest CVS(2003-09-20 22:30)


[2003-09-20 18:35:45] lphuberdeau at sympatico dot ca

I have also experienced this problem. The cvs snapshot I am using is
around 2 weeks old at this time, the problem might be fixed by now, but
it's not reported as fixed here, so here are a few more details about
the problem.

Information about the server:
Gentoo Linux
PHP5 from snaps, built with quite standard extensions.

I ran a few tests when I saw the segmentation fault in the output of my
script. I reduced the code as much as possible to locate the error and
here is what I found out.

Scripts are called directly from the PHP executable.

No problem in this code:

class foo
const bar = 1;

Still no problem here:

class foo
const bar = 1;
const odd = foo::bar;

First error arrives here:
Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home/httpd/htdocs/foo.php on
line 5

class foo
const bar = 1;
const odd = foo::bar + 10;

And now with a Segmentation fault:
class foo
const bar = 1;
const odd = foo::bar . 10;

I think there is a problem with the internal type of the constants.

I hope these details will help solve the problem.


[2003-09-10 21:50:47] cunha17 at uol dot com dot br

Any information would be appreciated ...


[2003-08-30 14:21:48] cunha17 at uol dot com dot br

Is this suppose to work ? Currently it does not.

class Priority {
const DEBUG = 0;
const INFO = 1;
const WARN = 2;
const ERROR = 3;
const FATAL = 4;


class ExtendedPriority extends Priority {
const REMOTE = Priority::MAX_PRIORITY + 1;
const URGENT = Priority::MAX_PRIORITY + 2;

if it's not supposed to work, there is some pr problem in ZE2 that
accepts a constant expression based on string concatenation.

Reproduce code:
class test {
const TEST = "hi";
const TEST1 = self::TEST . "ih";

Expected result:
No pr error nor core dumps. Or a paser error if it's not supposed
to work.

Actual result:
Segmentation Fault


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