From: abrahamkou at sbcglobal dot net
Operating system: Windows 2003
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: MySQL related
Bug description: Mysql_pconnect() issues

mysql_pconnect sometimes ignores the open connection and starts a new
connection -- but if you refresh the page again, it will re-use the old
connection again. I am using temporary tables with a form with an action
to $PHP_SELF with mutiple steps (meaning the form refreshes itself over
and over and displays different fields) that stores interim data into a
temporary table. I noticed about once out of every 5 page loads i'll get
a message staying Table (tmeporary_table_name) does not exist. However,
if I refresh it, it will come back. I looiked at the mysql_thread_id();
and it changes when it says the table does not exist, but changes back to
the previous threadid when i refresh the page and repost form data.

Reproduce code:
The form is at:


Expected result:
No error messages, and the same connection and same temporary table is
used over and over again.

Actual result:
as you fill out the form, after you click 'next' a few times it will say
"table t_23453294598329 does not exist" (the tablename will be different
of corse). but if you refresh the page and repost form data, it will work

It means that pconnect is creating a new connection despite an old one
being opened already; so the temporary table is not accessible to the new

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