ID: 25473
User updated by: jim at bluedojo dot com
Reported By: jim at bluedojo dot com
Status: Open
Bug Type: MySQL related
Operating System: WinXP
PHP Version: 4.3.3
New Comment:

I wanted to say that I pulled out that $buf string from my corrupted
database (which has the same rows).

Previous Comments:

[2003-09-10 13:28:20] jim at bluedojo dot com

I have a table with ~2.2 million rows. Sometimes when I do an update
to one single row it will instead update ALL of the rows using the same
update, making the database totally useless. This happens every one in
about 500,000 updates to a single row.

I am running mysql 4.0.14 in WinXP. I am using PHP 4.3.3 to do the

I updated a column of a row of type "text" with the following data (The
string is quite long):

$buf = "KLUC 98.5, Las Vegas' #1 Hit Music Station local weather
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I am thinking something in the variable '$buf' is causing mysql to do
this. Some character (like single quote or weird character) in the
update is causing all the rows to be updated when only one row is
supposed to be updated.

Reproduce code:
Here is a sample SQL (cleaned up for easy reading):

$buf ="A long string";
$buf = addslashes($buf);
mysql_query("UPDATE page SET page_content = '$buf' WHERE page_id =

Expected result:
It should only update a single row.

Actual result:
It updates all the rows in the database. Not good. :(


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