From: mbostrom at syrah dot us
Operating system: Unixes
PHP version: Irrelevant
PHP Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Bug description: Direct IO access to raw file descriptor

The Direct IO functions are nice.

However, it is sometimes necessary to access file descriptors by their
number. For instance, a parent process can set up file descriptors 3, 4
and 5 for communication with the a child process (in addition to file
descriptors 0, 1 and 2). It would be nice if there were a way in PHP to
get access to to file descriptor 3, so that PHP could interoperate with
software that uses "extra" file descriptors. (In particular, I am writing
a mail filter. The mail server sets up fd 3).

Getting access to the "extra" file descriptors is not possible at present,
because the only way to get a file descriptor is to call dio_open on a
file. What if the file descriptor already exists? There is currently no
way to access it.

Perhaps a function such as dio_rawfd (int fdnum) could be added? fdnum is
an integer - the number of the file descriptor you want. dio_rawfd
returns a file descriptor resource for file descriptor number fdnum.

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