ID: 25479
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Reported By: jim at mail dot ucf dot edu
-Status: Open
+Status: Bogus
Bug Type: OCI8 related
Operating System: Solaris 8
PHP Version: 4.3.2
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You did something wrong. And you did something really wrong when you
copied those header files. Not PHP bug.

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[2003-09-10 17:24:42] jim at mail dot ucf dot edu

We are trying to build php-4.3.2 with the '--with-oci8' directive. We
keep getting an undefined reference error from the Oracle 8.1.7 library for 'wtcsrfre'.

Are there any good tips on what libraries/environment variables need to
be set for this package to compile. We had some initial problems with
missing oci.h include files, but resolved that by copying them to

OS: Solaris 8
Oracle: 8.1.7

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