From: bmolinari at sitrack dot com
Operating system: TRU64/Digital Unix
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: Compile Failure
Bug description: make error

I searched through the forum pages and the archive and didn't
find a solution. Here's what I'm doing - TRU64, with iPlanet in
/usr/netscape/server4 and Informix in /disco/home/informix

configure --with-nsapi=/usr/netscape/server4

Configure runs fine, and produces no errors.

Immediately after issue the make command I get

/bin/ksh /php-4.3.3/libtool --silent --preserve-dup-deps --mode=compile
/php-4.3.3/meta_ccld -Iext/ctype/ -I/php-4.3.3/ext/ctype/ -DPHP_ATOM_INC
-I/php-4.3.3/include -I/php-4.3.3/main -I/php-4.3.3
-I/usr/netscape/server4/plugins/include -I/php-4.3.3/Zend
-I/php-4.3.3/ext/xml/expat -DIFX_THREAD -I/php-4.3.3/TSRM -DTHREAD=1 -g
-pthread -DZTS -prefer-pic -c /php-4.3.3/ext/ctype/ctype.c -o
/bin/ksh /php-4.3.3/libtool --silent --preserve-dup-deps --mode=link
/php-4.3.3/meta_ccld -o ext/informix/libphpifx.a
(if test -d /disco/home/informix; then THREADLIB=POSIX
/disco/home/informix/bin/esql -e -thread -EUHAVE_IFX_IUS
/php-4.3.3/ext/informix/; mv ifx.c /php-4.3.3/ext/informix/ifx.c;
else touch /php-4.3.3/ext/informix/ifx.c; fi)
esql: When using -thread, the THREADLIB environment variable
must be set to a supported thread library. Currently
supporting: DCE, POSIX(Solaris 2.5 and higher only) and
SOL (Solaris Kernel Threads).
*** Exit 1

Any Tips ?

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