ID: 25580
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Reported By: paul dot liversidge at recycledpixels dot com
-Status: Open
+Status: Wont fix
Bug Type: Class/Object related
Operating System: Windows XP
PHP Version: 4.3.2
New Comment:

Fixed in PHP 5, won't fix in PHP 4.

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[2003-09-17 16:05:02] paul dot liversidge at recycledpixels dot com

If I add a new method to the class, activate (see below), remove the
constructor method and call this new function immediately after
instantiating the class, i.e. $err->activate (); it all works fine as

function activate () {
$this->old_error_handler = set_error_handler (array (&$this,

It seems to be something related to setting the error handler in the
constructor method.


[2003-09-17 15:28:50] paul dot liversidge at recycledpixels dot com

I set the error handler to point at a class/method and then change some
of the class variables. Debugging lines and method confirm the class
variable has occurred. When I then trigger an error by echo'ing an
uninitialized variable the error handler resets or reinstantiates the

If $use_me is initialized in the constructor instead of being defined
as a 'constant', it makes no difference as the value at the time of an
error is NULL, whatever is defined in the core class code.

If the set_error_handler function is called from line 3, i.e.
set_error_handler (array (&$err, 'handler_error')), it all works fine.

Reproduce code:
$err = new ErrorHandler;

$err->use_me = true;
echo ("[1:{$err->use_me}]");
$err->test ();

echo $fred;

class ErrorHandler {
var $use_me = 4;

function ErrorHandler () {
set_error_handler (array (&$this, 'handle_error'));

function test () {
echo ("[2:{$this->use_me}]");

function handle_error ($number, $message, $file, $line, $context) {
echo ("[3:{$this->use_me}]");
echo ("Error $number");

Expected result:
[1:1][2:1][3:1]Error 8

Actual result:
[1:1][2:1][3:4]Error 8


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