From: makull at freemail dot nl
Operating system: Windows 2000
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: IIS related
Bug description: Error including a PHP file from within an SSI

If you use any PHP version above 4.2.3, including a PHP file from within a
SSI file using '#exec cgi' or '#include virtual' will fail and either
result in the raw source code of the PHP script or in machine code.

If you go back to PHP 4.2.3 using '#exec cgi' to include a PHP file works

This is on a Windows 2000 server using IIS 5 and all the latest service
packs and patches.

Reproduce code:
Lines from the SSI file (.shtml) :

<!--#exec cgi="test.php"-->
<!--#virtual include="test.php"-->

Expected result:
Expected result : The output of the PHP script in HTML (the output is
correct when you run it directly).

Actual result:
Actual result : Either the source code from the PHP script (virtual
include) or machine code (exec cgi).

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