From: fperez at tuzsa dot es
Operating system: linux redhat 7.3
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: PHP options/info functions
Bug description: mixing --with-java and --enable-debug pull out java

I have php 4.3.3 on a redhat 7.3 running. But I have a problem and I am
trying to re-compile php with --enable-debug.

When I do ./configure --with-java=/ --enable-debug, make and
make install. Java is pulled out from my phpinfo() information. Of
course, java doesn't run at all.

Without any modification to php.ini nor any other configuration file, I
have this results:
* --enable-java and --enable-debug = java doesn't run.
* --enable-java = java runs fine.

I have tested on my production server and on another server installed to
try this.


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