ID: 25752
Updated by: [email][/email]
Reported By: suga at netbsd dot com dot br
-Status: Open
+Status: Closed
Bug Type: Compile Failure
Operating System: NetBSD
PHP Version: 4.3.3
New Comment:

This bug has been fixed in CVS.

In case this was a PHP problem, snapshots of the sources are packaged
every three hours; this change will be in the next snapshot. You can
grab the snapshot at [url][/url].

In case this was a doentation problem, the fix will show up soon at

In case this was a website problem, the change will show
up on the site and on the mirror sites in short time.

Thank you for the report, and for helping us make PHP better.

Previous Comments:

[2003-10-03 19:39:05] suga at netbsd dot com dot br

When compiling PHP under NetBSD with '--with-ncurses', the build will
fail when ext/ncurses/php_ncurses.h includes <curses.h>, which is
actually BSD curses and NOT ncurses.
For the process to work under NetBSD, it's necessary to replace
"curses.h" with "ncurses.h" in that file, like:

--- php_ncurses.h.old Fri Oct 3 20:33:08 2003
+++ php_ncurses.h Fri Oct 3 20:40:03 2003
-19,7 +19,7

-#include <curses.h>
+#include <ncurses.h>

extern int le_ncurses_windows;


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