From: Xuefer at 21cn dot com
Operating system: -
PHP version: 4.3.4RC1
PHP Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Bug description: faster client lookup after socket_select

it's slow that phpscript itself have to loop through $fds and use in_array
to know which client is sending data

$allfds[0] = socket_create(...);
$clients[0] = new MyClient($allfds[0]);

$count = socket_select($fds);
for ($i = 0; $i < FDSIZE; $i ++) {
if (in_array($fds, $allfds[$i])) {
larger FDSIZE make script slower

i'd suggest $fd resource store more information: ID
int socket_set_id(source $sock)
int socket_get_id(source $sock)

$allfds[0] = socket_create(...);
$clients[0] = new MyClient($allfds[0]);
socket_set_id($allfds[0], 0);
$allfds[1] = socket_create(...);
$clients[1] = new MyClient($allfds[1]);
socket_set_id($allfds[1], 1);

$count = socket_select($fds);
for ($i = 0; $i < $count; $i ++) {
$id = socket_get_id($fds[$i]);
speed is not depend on FDSIZE

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